Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on our little boy

Well I can believe it has been months since I did an entry. I have to say we have been very busy. Between our little guy therapies session, potty training , music class, school and who knows what else, we were not bored.
Our little man has done so much progress and now that it is Spring, he is like a flower, "blossoming"
We finally got discharge of PT, OT and behavior.
He only qualifies for Speech therapy. Being bilingual we were expected the delay to be longer than normal.
It is so nice to hear him using his French and English words. Has he is starting to do 2 to 3 words sentences, he also mix both languages which is totally normal. So Dad is learning French with him. Too cute! Now we also have words that are totally made up. I guess his own language. Like "E-ADE" which stand for Chicken Nugget. Why not I guess. "Le Poum" which is "fire" so really who is now learning a new language? LOL.
But he can says very well in French "Pennsylvanie".
Also we were 90 % potty trained. Unfortunately we had a set back due to some medical reasons (the #2 subject) so until we get that under control, we had to stop the training.
Now I know some kids can count up to 20. On our end we do up to 5 without help (in French of course) and up to 10 with help. The alphabet he can do ABCD. But again that is okay I know some do better but for his defense it must be so so hard to learn 2 languages at once and wondering why Mom say this way and the rest of his family say that way?? LOL.
Another accomplishment, to my sadness on the eve of his 3rd Birthday he finally dare climbing out of his crib. .. so we shall see what that will bring us LOL.
As his Daddy is also off for the summer, both of them are sure enjoying each other full speed. One thing they both enjoying doing is playing with Dadd's tools. So we had to get him a set that looks real but are more kids friendly :-)
If you ask our little boy what he wants to do he will tell you "Travail, aide Dadda" which stand for "Work, need to help Dadda" . So let's hope he will still enjoy work in his adult years.
Now let's forget about work and talk about fun! We went to a circus for the first time and it was a huge success. He was a little bit scare of the Elephants but loved them from far away. However the highlight of his evening was the acrobats!

Well wish you all readers a great summer as again we will be busy for our next adventures...

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