Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corn Bread recipe from Chef Dmitriy...

I think the picture and the video clip will explain the entire recipe... the corn bread came out good and we and the ducks already ate it all :-)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our new routine .... the farm

Now that the weather is getting better, we go once a week every week to the local farm to view all the animals and to end our trip field with an ice-cream... He loves the chickees, the cows and the sheeps. The Hog, not too fan.. Harvey the Pig is always sleeping :-)

Our little musician!

Our little boy just love music, from his piano to his harmonica, drums and now the Guitar!

Everyday, I need to pull the guitar from the closet so he can play...

Friday, April 16, 2010

So Thankfull

Tomorrow our little one will be 22 months. Almost 5 months he is ours and just can't imagine different.

As a few of us are aware the press keep saying Russia has suspended all the USA adoption. Apparently it is miss reported.

In our heard we know our little boy was just dropped in front of the wrong door and we just had to find him. The road was long and difficult but so worth! We found him on the other side of the globe with the entire help of our agency Beacon House.

I hope other families will not get scared to find their little child some where in Russia.

Looking back at all the challenges we had to face and overcome, we know now the only reason was actually to slow us down as our little boy was waiting for us.

I am a true believer when some time things don't go the way we would like there is a reason behind..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The News!

Yes, the News!! Not good!!!

As many of you already know since it is all over the news, this single Mom send back her adoptive son's to Russia by himself with a note saying she does not want him anymore.

This little boy is from Vladivostok just like my Little one.. So you can imagine how deeply touch I feel about this terrible news.

A much as I don't like to judge anybody, this one is hard to swallow!

First: How can a person treat a 7 years old boy like that!! Did she listen to all the classes we had to go thru, all the risk we were willing to take or not? I guess not!!! I am sorry but the life of a child is precious no matter what! And once you take the decision to be part of his life, you handle it as gentle as you can and the best you can. It is fragile and precious! If you are not capable, you should know it in your heart and not go thru the process! It is a human life we are dealing with not a plant you leave in the corner and water once in a while!!!! Yes! I am mad!!!!! And if he truly had some mental problems, how about help? America has a great system in place to help all the families who have adopted overseas. And how about giving him some time? At 7 years old, she thought maybe he will be happy and all good in a week.. in a different home, different language, different food and much more... Lady! I am sorry to say but little kids have feelings too and do not have an on and off button on their past!!!
Yes I am mad!!!

Second: Now all this families and children waiting!!!???? Are they going to pay the price because of this person? Not fair! So many children are waiting and so many good parents are hoping!

I strongly hope all the families I met will be able to bring their little ones home! I know what right now they must be going thru! Scary moments!

My heart is with all these families I met still in the process and anyone trying to bring back their child from Russia!