Friday, August 12, 2011

Vladivostok Reunion at the Marco Island Marriott in Florida

This summer has been very busy for us but our main highlight was our "Vladivostok family reunion" at the beautiful Marco Island Marriott in Florida.

When we left Vladivostok, Russia almost 2 years ago, we had no idea that one day we will meet again with all the wonderful families we encounter while staying at the Vlad Motor Inn.

When we decided to organized a reunion somewhere in the United States, we received mix feelings about the locations. One being Florida!! Why would you go to Florida in the summer? It is too hot!!!
But again summer isn't it hot every where? I do know the Northeast states at times can get even hotter than Florida. So we than all decided Florida it is!!!

As a vacation planner at the Marco Island Marriott Resort and a long time resident of Southwest Florida it was only normal for me to get all the event organized and of course I loved it as this time I was able to schedule "Paradise" for us!

With the help of my co-workers from Front Desk and Reservation departments, I was able to get all the families rooms located on the same floor as the goal was "fun for the children".
Now it was time for me to schedule all the rest as I do it everyday for all our upcoming guests, from Spa, activities, airport transfer and more...
As I enjoy my job everyday, this time, I felt even happier as I was doing it for families who like us adopted their children from the Far East of Russia.
My only worry!! Is everybody going to have a good time and enjoy Marco Island Marriott resort?

As we all started to arrive at the resort and for some reason Steve and I happened to be the last one, we hoped everybody was having fun. we find out they were :-) .. some hanging out by the Tiki Pool and some enjoying the beach.

Not one families seems unhappy. As our weekend started, we all gather at the pool and then would have dinner at Quinn's on the Beach.
As I well know the layout of the resort, the ins and outs, for the first time, I felt like I was simply a "guest" and who is "Stella the Vacation Planner"?
I had totally forgotten I actually work at this beautiful property.
Everybody we encounter throughout the resort, recreation, restaurants, our housekeeper we could not had a better service.

Quinn's on the Beach restaurant worked out very nice for us as we were a large party of 17 people. Even if we can't make advance reservations, we never had to wait more than 5 minutes to have a table.
The restaurant features casual food and of course beautiful view of the beach. Perfect location to have the children running around while we enjoy our meal.

Since the resort has to offer Spa, golf, and recreation activities, we were able to have all the mothers pampering themselves at our beautiful Spa. It was so relaxing!

The children enjoy the entire property, from Tiki pool with the slide, the water hammock and simply playing in the sand.
it was clear they were having a great time!!!!!! Our goal was achieved!!!

The resort has it all and there was no need for our party to go anywhere during our entire stay.

Marco Island Marriott is truly an island in an island! It has it all!!

I have to say I was never so proud to work for such a beautiful property!!!

As our children came in our life thru adoption instead of biological, this reunion was very important for all us.
We share a very unique experience!

Thank you Marco Island Marriott for making this event very special to our beautiful children! It was a great success with great memories!!!

Also a special Thank you to Jada Director of Reservation, Andrea Manager of Room Revenues and Eren at the Front Desk!

Paradise truly excite!!!

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  1. Stella, It sounds like you made lots of new memories :) So happy for you and all of the families you shared the vacation with! Makes me want to go and stay at the Marriott!!!