Friday, May 21, 2010

Count down has started

Our little boy will soon turn 2 years old already!

We are so lucky to share for the first time his birthday with HIS family and friends in HIS house and with HIS Mom and Dad!

We love you so much little guy!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Day at the Zoo!!

Today it is past 90 degrees up North so we decided it was time to hit the zoo! We did not go the Philadelphia Zoo as I believe it is still too big for our little guy. But instead we went to one around the corner of our house. We were with a friend and her son who is also adopted from Russia.

The Day was just perfect! He behaved so nicely and had such a great time! He even did a pony ride, but really preferred to be in the arms of the pretty girl most of the time. Can we blame him?! She was pretty so I am sure his Dad would have understand. I thought the pony was super cute.. but I guess it is a matter of taste :-)

The Zoo had also a Barn where he could pet the animals... he really liked that.. but after he was more interested by the tools the guard had. What can I say, he is a boy after all!!!

After the Zoo as it was getting warm and late, we all left for lunch.
Dmi had macaroni cheese with a Mango smoothies and that was a hit also or maybe he just wanted to show off as we were with company. He ate by himself his entire meal for the first time. Maman did not have to help.. well just after to clean him. He was covered of cheese from head to toe :-) however all the pasta did end in his belly so job was well accomplish!

After all our bellies were full, it was time to go home.

Another surprising act, he read his book or should I say looked at his book the entire ride!
For our little guy, that is a big deal as he has not shown much interest in books until recently and very briefly. I guess patience and time pays off. So yes, I was very proud of him!!

Now... after all the good behavior, I guess I had to pay the price: It was Nappy time.... Oh boy! I guess he tough the day was not going to end at all so he did say night night to all his toys, but as soon as I laid him down to bed... Well no good! First it was too hot upstairs in his room which I can understand that, so I moved him downstairs where it is cooler in his play pen... 30 minutes before he will calm down and finally fall asleep.. we shall see now how long he will sleep :-)