Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Year! 2011

Christmas day around 7 pm, we decided we needed to leave now for Florida otherwise we will be stuck in Pennsylvania for few more days due to the weather. So in hour hour not only we made the decision to take the road but also we had to be ready in one hour. So we packed the car along with "Mamie" and drove South without any hesitation.
More we drove and more snow will come down.
We finally stopped in a hotel in North Carolina around 4 am. of course we stopped at the same hotel we did last time. Seems like our little boy knew where we were. Went right for the elevator, and straight in the hallway.. no big deal. While we slept, the worst had past us to go up north. Very hard to believe the southern we will drive and the coldest it was.
Anyway we made it and stayed at Pops and Nana for the first week.
So of course we celebrated again Christmas! Our little guy must thought Santa had forgotten some gifts so he had to deliver them in Florida LOL. The bicycle was quite his highlight!

After we also went to visit "Tonton Herve and Tata Sylvie" (uncle and aunt) so again Santa left gift there..

And the last week of our trip, we stayed at the hotel where I work. That was also very nice. Unfortunately as I had to work the entire time in Florida I was not able to see anybody except our family. That is the sad part of the trip.
After a great time in Southwest Florida it was time to drive back home to this time again another snow storm! One coming from the South and one from the North. Crazy!!! But we made it.
Wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

Christmas 2010

I know we are now in 2011 and not even had a chance to update this blog with our Christmas celebration.
This holiday was great!
It felt like everyday it was Christmas.
It started that "Mamie" from France arrived on November 15th. From that day not only our boy's language blossomed (of course in French) but also we started preparing for the big day! The arrival of Santa!
Our tree unfortunately got naked day after day from the bottom to up. Our little man loved to grabbed the decorations and once they were too high, he will simply grab his chair and climb.
Of course we baked cookies for Santa.
That was a lot of fun.
Last year, Christmas was just a blur as we had just landed from Russia, with a new infant and had to drive to Florida.
This year we stayed home for Christmas as I wanted our boy to have his tree in his house.
So now he can say "Santa and Sapin (french for the Christmas tree)" .

After celebrating Christmas at home, we drove on Christmas day direction Florida... right thru the snow storm. More we drove South and more snow we encounter...Seriously?? For a second I asked my husband "Are you sure we are driving South?" LOL.

Anyway we made it no problem and celebrated again Christmas with our family down in Florida.
That will have to be another blog entry of his own.