Friday, October 29, 2010

Kat Von D in Philadelphia

Yesterday we went to Barnes and Nobles to the signing of Kat Von D new book.
It was a fun evening. While we had to wait to be able to see Kat Von D, our little guy was busy chasing the squirrels in the park across the store.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Post placement

In couple days our social worker will be coming to our house to do our one year post placement. One year? Already? Where all the days went?? We still can realize that in a month it will be a year we were in front of the Russian Judge who granted us the custody of our son. (Very intimidating as we had 2 prosecutors in uniform and of course we don't speak or understand Russian.)
As much as it has been and still is a lot of work, hard at time, we could not imagine not being with our little guy. He is bringing us so much to our lives!
In that one year, he has done so much progress! It is hard to believe he still has spend more time in the institution than with us.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Helicopter Museum

When you are a boy, you got to do boy stuff!!

So we went to the Helicopter Museum with his friend Ian.

Ian is from Kazan so they both have a lot in comment and they really enjoyed their companies. Mommies too :-)

The museum was a lot of fun they both loved seeing these big machines. (While Moms could really care less except enjoying our sons having fun. )

After that we thought we will go the QVC store which was next door.

Well big error! "Mom! That is not for boys!" he was probably thinking so in the store he had a screaming attack! fun! Well so much fun I guess the studios were right behind the store and we had to leave as it was disturbing one of the scene they were filming... Great! I guess you got your way Little Boy :-) !!!!

So after that episode, we thought it was time to feed them so we went to a small restaurant.

It went all good until again my little guy had decided it was time to go home and go to "Dodo" which is bedtime in French. So ravioli were flying, tomatoes sauce was splashing all over, it was clear I had to hurry to eat my little Ruben :( and get out of here NOW!!!

As I was busy trying to get my little man to come down, I did not even realized my friend was in the same situation! Looking back at it oh boy we must looked like the parents of hell Ha!

So we hurry to cash out and of course as soon as we left the restaurant, it was like an angel was born. He was holding my hand and being so good while we walk to our car...

I guess again your got your way my little man!!!

Overall, it was still a fun morning but got to say I had to join my little man for a nap myself. :-) the lunch time wore me out :-)

Time to decorate for fall before it is already over.

Not far from our house we have this great farm where you can see the animals, and of course get all the pumpkins you wish. So with Daddy we all went and had a great time!

Of course the tractor was is favorite part. The flower he was not too sure about it :-)

Friday, October 8, 2010


When it is fall, you got to spend time in the Amish country! So that is what we did with Nana!

Fun in the corn maze, first pupmkin patch! And of course we find his costume for Halloween which he just love!