Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today we spent the day at Grandma in NJ. They had a lot of snow!
Grandma had cooked fabulous French toast! Yummy!!!
He also met for the first time his Uncle Bobby and his girlfriend. He had so much fun, he had to show everybody all his new tricks and more.
After he went to visit Grandma neighbor who is from Russia and spoke to him in Russian. This time, his eyes did not light up. Did he already forget his native tongue? He also made sure to give me numerous kisses.. maybe he was afraid he was going to say with the Russian lady? Anyway what ever was the reason, I enjoyed everyone of his kisses.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not yet 2 months we have returned to the USA

(First week we met our little boy - 14 months)
(The day we left Baby home #1 He was 17months )
In Moscow before returning to the States - Great time!!!
His first hour in his new home at last!
18 months - Waking up after nap - Yes I do dress him like the Russian with pantyhose... What can I say I am from Europe after all :-)
And now 19 Months already!

It is not quite 2 months yet we are back from Vladivostok Russia and our little man has changed already so much: physically and mentally.
When we met him, he was so shy he did not want to show us he could walk until our last day.
Now he is running all over the house and playing daring, I hope we will not end up in the ER...
He was such a good eater and will eat anything.. well theses times are gone.. He started to learn the word "NO" and also that he has preference with food. Luckily he loves any dairy product!
What has not change is that he loves the cold.. Well well he is in his element right now! I think today we only had 26 degrees. He loves to put his boots on and his warm jacket and off in the yard to play with Daddy.
As you can see we still don't have any gears for the snow... We are true Floridian! I don't even have an ice scraper after 3 years living up north.
Broom works great for the snow.. lol

Friday, January 29, 2010

Music Classes and School for next season

We are so excited. Our little boy is now 19th months and is doing excellent in his physical therapy. I guess next week is the last one as he is all catch up to his age and more. We are a little bit sad as he loves his teacher and class. But today we just signed him up for music class at Kindermusik. His teacher is from Poland. She has a bachelor degree in music from Warsaw and also is a Montessori teacher. So we are very excited! He start class on February 8th. until May 15th. Our little guy loves so much music that we think he will have a ball.

Mid September he will also start school at the Montessori. Only 3 days a week and morning only as I think he is still young.

It should all be fun!!!
Nous sommes super excites!! Notre petit garcon a deja 19 mois et performe ses cours physique/ moteur tres bien. Il a ratrapper tout le temps perdu. Il lui reste donc plus que un cours.
Dommage car il adore les cours la. Mais bon nous venons de l'inscrire a des cours de music. Son institutrice est polognaise. Il commence le 8 fevrier.
Debut Septembre, il commencera son ecole Montessori. 3 matinees par semaine.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doctor visits, classes, and more...

Well I guess we have been quite busy with Dmi's classes which he is doing excellent according to his therapist. We may have only 2 more Physical therapy classes left.. (to my sadness.. Dmi loves that class). Our therapist Sharon told us he is doing "fantastic" in his motor skill and there is no more need for him to come more...

We also had to finish his blood test.. so last Friday when we drove the place (which is the same area where he take his classes), he got so excited when we got him out of the car!! Boy it just broke my heart knowing he was not going to class as he thought.
When the nurse inserted the needle in his arm, he cried and of course I cried and Grand Ma cried too. As much I don't mind needle, I sure do not like it on him. Well now at least all done.
After that since the weather was beautiful in the 50's we went to the park hoping he will forget about the nurse and the needle. I think he did :-)

Today since it was raining cats and dogs, we went to get his first professional pictures. That was fun

Tuesday back to class, more doctors for him and myself and so goes the week...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Passport and Social Security an bath

What a busy day we had today.
It started with Dmi's Physical Therapy at 9:00 am. It went very well and the therapist told us he is not behind at all. However because he walk like a duck, she will work on that problem. He had so much fun and not only he learns but so we do on how to play with him in a very educational way.
So now we have Occupational therapy on Tuesdays and Physical therapy on Thursdays. Waiting on the speech evaluation on February. However he is up to 7 words and 2 full sentences.

We also had to get his passport application turn in so we can get him his social security.
Well turn out Social security obviously did not want to deal with us as they informed us we needed a US passport first to prove he is American... WRONG!!! So we had to go back to Social security and after having another lady no problem..

We also ended the day we his first bath by himself. Of course supervised but after hated bathso much, now he loves it and he cried when I took in out...Kids!!!! :-) Got to love them :-)!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It has been a while since I wrote in these the blog but between being busy with being a new Mom, more traveling after being back from Russia and than losing my password as I was so tired.. I guess the blog was the last thing in my mind...

It is now 1 month and 12 days our little tsar is with us.

He has gained so much weight since the day we picked him up at the baby home, he also took so many planes... a week after we were back home in PA we went to Florida to see the rest of the family and spend Xmas there.. we al;so drove 4 hours from Naples Florida to go to Disney World in Orlando.. We are finally back home and it sure feels good.

I have to say, the first month was very challenging mainly with our emotions. But everyday are better and better. He is such a great little guy! As our family says, he was custom made to us.
He loves to sleep, love to eat, of course love to play and laugh and barely cries. We could not ask for better.

In 2 days, our little man will start his speech therapy that our county is providing. He actually said couple's day ago his first sentence: "I see you". His vocabulary now expended to: Papa, Maman, Look (however he says cook), Right there and in French he can say Toutou.
He may not say much but we can see he understand a lot of English and French...Poor guy he has 2 languages to learn at once so we need to be patient.

I have only one regret in our adventure. We met so many nice families also adopting from Vladivostok and it is sad America is such a large country as everybody is from another state. Well I guess that is why we all have internet. Ha!

For all the families still waiting on a court date, our thoughts are with you and hoping you will get the call very soon.