Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The life of a toddler

Well nothing much new in our end as our little guy still love his school and making some much progress. However it is official we have entered the terrible two's!!!!

I thought today's action deserved a blog entry. As we are going once in a while in tantrum, well pretty normal so pretty boring I guess to discuss.. as all says it shall pass! I hope you are all right! LOL.

Anyway today I was preparing our lunch and when I came in the dinning room with our plates, I surprisingly find our little man had climbed on the table. The chandelier above it was swinging pretty hard and I could see a hand reach for it like suddenly the chandelier had become a trapeze.... I think you can imagine what was going to be his next move.....

I will stay calm ..I will stay calm LOL...That too shall pass :-)


  1. Lol. You have your hands full :) I was thinking of you today. I had lunch at Lisa Verdi's new restaurant on the island. Yummy!

  2. :LOL Katie came HOME with temper tantrums. Time out is our best friend and it really works for her. :-) She's quite the social butterfly, but very attached to Aaron and I already so we are very happy with that! :-)

  3. Having two that age I totally can relate ! It really helps just to laugh sometimes !